New Infinity Skins (previously known as Blowpop)

Hey folks.  okay so firstly apologies for not blogging for sometime, but i’m back and just had to blog these beautiful new skins from Blowpop’s Annyka Bekkers, who has rebranded her skins as Infinity.  Beautifully hand painted, the detail in the face and body are exquisite, just look at the bum!  and the lips, oh the lips.  i’m in love.  I’ve always been a fan of Blowpop, and these are no exception, in fact i think they are Annyka’s best work yet.  Here are a few of my faves that Annyka very kindly dropped on me.  for more pics, please go to my flickr page 


These are the first releases from Infinity and are comprised of 3 separate lines, Carmen, Ava and Elizabeth, each with their own distinct look and personality.  Each comes in 3 skintones and makeups specially designed to enhance each one’s specific complexion, and they have hairbase options too.
Go now and try them on!  Infinity
all hair from 69
modelled and photographed by Clarabelle Cazalet (Second Look Studio, Timeless Model Agency, Premiere Models)

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