A Sweet Casual Style With A Retro Look

I was walking around the Kensington sim in London, England and came across this really nice store called “Gbberish.” It had casual outfits that had a nostalgic look and had retro-looking furniture displayed as well. It even had footwear! The whole atmosphere of the store was so befitting to the British scenery, looking like a store I might find in Nottingham.

This Kensington sim, by the way, is also a sim you must visit if you hadn’t yet. You will find the Knights Bridge Metro station and buildings so well made with art deco bars and beautiful gardens atop buildings. So it’s worth strolling around and looking around. You will sure have a great experience.

Anyway…..so here are the two outfits I got at “Gbberish.” The first one, “Audrey’s Attic Puff Dress in Vintage Roses” is a short dress with a lovely texture of roses with that antique feel to it which comes with short gloves as well as long ones. But I liked the sweet short gloves to go with this one. I matched it with a similarly retro looking hair style from “Magika.” It’s a cute two-bun look and came with a black hair band with a ribbon on the side. So I edited the hair and changed the colour of the hair band to match the dress.

I also chose a cute looking pair of shoes from “Shiny Things.” I liked the retro look of this pair that fit the outfit perfectly. But for jewelries, I decided to go with the red/brownish colour in the dress instead of making everything green.

Gbberish – Audrey’s Attic Puff Dress (Vintage Roses)

Outfit: Gbberish, Audrey’s Attic Puff Dress (Vintage Roses)
Shoes: Shiny Things, Mary Geos (spring green)
Necklace & Earrings: Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewel, Han Hana Necklace & Earrings Set (violet/red silver)
Hair: Magika, Betty (black & maroon)
Skin: Minnu, MMS-LondonFair, makeup 8b

The second outfit is a bit more casual but nonetheless sweet with a retro feel like the first one. It comes with this aqua coloured socks and also a bordeau coloured pair but I chose to wear the aqua one with this ankle boots which I also found in the same store.

The boots came in six colours and had really nice “different” colours such as “Bubble gum.” I just loved the whole taste that gave me a somewhat nostalgic memory of my childhood, not that I was actually wearing something like this.

With all outfits from “Gbberish”, I think you can really have fun matching them up with various accessories with various colours. I’m already trying out different looks myself!

Gbberish – One Love Knitted Dress (Honeysuckle)

Outfit (including socks): Gbberish, One Love Knitted Dress (Honeysuckle)
Ankle Boots: Gbberish, Candy Shop Boots (Choco)
Necklace: Swallowtail Designs, Jupiter Necklace (red)
Bracelet: Swallowtail Designs, Volume Bracelet (red)
Hair: R’s Hair Style, “Kay” (black)
Skin: same as above

Usually I never post pics of the stores but this time, the atmosphere of the store was so nice that I decided to take a snapshot and post it here.


And here is a link to Kensington, London. Enjoy!!

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

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