A Cool Casual Style from "Sweetest Goodbye"

“Sweetest Goodbye” is a store that you MUST visit if you’re looking for a cool casual style. The texture designer Morphine Janick uses on her outfits are stunning and her styles are cool as well as sweet.

The short (in fact VERY short) sweater I am wearing here is a new release called “Desire” and although I have worn it here without wearing anything under it, you can also wear it in combination with shirts underneath. The amazing thing is…….this sweater is only comprised of three prim parts and no clothing layer! So it will be easy to match anything you might have in what ever clothing layer it comes in.

I initially took these pics for a magazine article I was writing but decided that I will wear a shirt layer myself for the magazine. So I decided to use these pics here as I usually refrain from using any pics I have for magazines before they are published.

The micro mini skirt worn here can be worn without the pantie showing. In the set you have a pants layer with the pantie showing as well as one that is only the skirt and the pantie is also included as a separate underpants layer as well for easier styling. Different colour skirts will all have this underpants layers that come in fun colours. They are all well thought out to give that fun look with contrasting colours.

The ankle boots worn here is also from Sweetest Goodbye as well as the skin. The boots, as you can see in the close up pic, has a great deal of details and comes in 8 stunning colour combinations. A really fun piece to match with any fun casual style.

The only different brands here are the stockings and bracelet, but the stocking was such a great match in colour and the bracelet I added to avoid being too “pink.”

“Sweetest Goodbye” also has some cool men’s items as well. A great place for high quality casual wear!!

Sweater: Sweetest Goodbye, Desire (gray)
Micro Mini Skirt: Sweetest Goodbye, Tik Tak (gray)
Stockings: Alchemy, Rainbow Stockings (hot pink)
Bracelet: Swallowtail, Volume Bracelet (green)
Ankle Boots: Sweetest Goodbye, Wonder Bird (gray)
Hair: Discord, Garou (black)
Skin: Sweetest Goodbye, Sweet Skin, Biscuit 09 Reflet

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

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