Evane Model Agency ORAGE Creations Show

The new graduationg students, together with Evane models, will be showing the new releases from ORAGE Creations in a fabulous show. I won’t be walking in the show this time as I have produced the show but this will be a show worth watching.

Evane Model Agency’s Kay Fairey presents
Featuring 1st new graduates from Evane Model Agency, Mimmi Boa Academy’s Japanese Class

Date/Time: Jan 17th (Sat) 5am SLT
Place: Evane Sky Theatre

Sponsored by:
OC ORAGE Creations
Styles of edo

Graduating models:
*Sora Tatham
*Riorio Raymaker
*RENA Vita
*marry Eel
*SHINOBU Inshan (male model)

Evane Models:
*Elena Ewing
*Synthia Quinsette
*Diane Handschuh
*CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast
*Jaskson Vantelli (male model)

If you have any inquiries, please contact Kay Fairey

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