Italian Fashion: OC Orage Creations

I had a hat that I bought some time ago that had a skelton on it. Yes it sounds spooky but if you look at it carefully, the skeleton has a loveable face (lol) and even looks kind of cute. But I have to admit, it was hard to match with outfits.


In a store I visited in an Italian fashion district, I found an outfit that was just so perfect for this hat that I couldn’t believe my eyes at first! I just HAD to get this!

It was an outfit from OC Orage Creations, a store that sells outfits designed and made by Eletta Gausman, an Italian designer. What’s amazing about both this hat and outfit is that even if the theme of the texture is roses and skeleton, the whole thing looks very fashionable…nothing dark about it. I liked how the outfit is kept very simple too. Since the texture is rather colourful and bold, the simple design balances out in a nice way.

So here is my “cute skeleton” look.

Outfit: OC Orage Creations, Rose & Skull Dress
Hat: Chapeau Tres Mignon, Skull Hat
Boots: Bax Boots, Ankle Boots Black Patent
Necklace and earrings: EarthStones Jewelry, Desmodus Sets (silver/onyx)
Hair: Cake, Berlin (black)
Nail: bijou, Deep Dream Collection (rouge)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency and Second Look Studio

2 thoughts on “Italian Fashion: OC Orage Creations

  1. kay great postie!! i have same dress and hat (remember the Three Fashionistas?) – its looks super cute on you :P@cerrie -hello hun i just read your comment, and checked your blog post… first off – i don’t know the creator of OC or KaoSome at all. this is just my personal opinion. but these two dresses are completely different. the skull and roses print is not original by any means (common motif since the ’70s at least – check out the Grateful Dead album cover). the two prints also have different skulls (one has a mouth open and the other closed). also, the two dresses are different styles. the OC dress is not a new item, as i bought mine sometime in April or May. you would have to check with the designer for actual release date.hopefully this has helped alleviate some of your concern, but by all means contact the designers. to me this doesn’t seem like a case of copying at all.

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