M * A * ii * K * I Striped Strapless Black & Gold Set

It’s funny but even in SL, there are days when I feel like I want to just dress casual or on other days, I want to dress up. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean wearing ballroom gowns and today was such a day. I wanted to dress up!

So dress up I did.

When I want to dress up, I tend to choose very simple outfits because you can add more to it. On the other hand, on days I am feeling lazy, I wear outfits that almost complete the whole look so I don’t have to think about adding anything.

Today, I was feeling a little energetic so I chose Maiiki’s Striped Strapless outfit, which could be worn as shorts or as a tight mini dress both with leggings. This comes with various coloured leggings but mine had gold leggings. So with this, the theme colour became black and gold. Then I added a touch of purple and pink with my makeup and also added jewelry that could add some impact and also added an interesting hat. This hat is called the “Bird Nest Hat” from Chapeau Tres Mignon. As you can see, well………….it’s a bird’s nest all complete with eggs and a birds! This added an interesting touch to an otherwise very simple outfit.

OK, so now I am all dressed up. But…………..where should I go?

Outfit: M*A*ii*K*I, Striped Strapless Black/Gold
Hat: Chapeau Tres Mignon, Bird Nest Hat
Necklace: LeeZu Baxter Designs, La Perla black (free gift)
Bracelet: RYCA, Texture Change Bangle (Gold)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody, Pinup (patent black)
Hair: House of Heart, Dusty (black)
Skin: Minnu, MMSFair makeup2

Written, modeled and photographed by Kay Fairey, Boulevard Agency, Second Look Studio and Briez Photography Model.

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