RFYre “Whyte” Full Bridal Version With Laced Ankle Boots

Right before Mr. Virtual World, Raven Pennyfeather of RFyre released two very unique bridal sets in white and in black.  I immediately took pictures of both but since then, had become so busy that I had to leave my blog unattended for this long.  *sigh*

But here it is.  The white version called “RFyre Whyte” which is a very avant-garde design as a bridal wear but can easily be worn as a non-bridal outfit and still look very cool.

This is actually a balloon pants set with an asymmetrical skirt and a veil type head-piece which can be removed.  Strings of beads fall from the all-lace balloon pants and move with avatar movement, which make this a really nice outfit to go club dancing also.

I wore this with a jewelry set from Virtual Impressions that has a very simple but chic design which I thought matched the modern pattern of the lace used.

If you want to see the black version, I have posted it in the BOSL Fashion Feed.

Styling note:

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