New Poses From Body Talking

I admit, I’m a pose whore. When I see new poses, I at least check out most of them although I may not necessarily buy them. Today I am going to show off a new set of poses I just got. The Tandra Set and Tandra Variation Set from Body Talking.

Body Talking has been introducing new poses and sets very energetically recently but the first time I purchased some poses from this store was during Project Tents where Body Talking had a tent. All tent vendors had at least one exclusive item they sold during the charity event and likewise, Body Talking had a set of exclusive poses called the Miaa Set.

So here are some poses from the Tandra Set and Tandra Variation poses. By the way, the Tandra Variation poses are not in the set but you can buy these individually from the demo pose stand. Each pose is L$12o and the Tandra Set is L$900 for 9 poses.

Body Talking – Tandra Set (Tandra 3)

Body Talking – Tandra Set (Tandra 6)

Body Talking – Tandra Set (Tandra 8)

Body Talking – Tandra Set (Tandra 9)

Body Talking – Tandra Set Vendor Poster
9 poses for L$900

Body Talking – Tandra Variation Set (Tandra 7v)

Body Talking – Tandra Variation Set (Tandra 9v)

Jacket: +grasp+, Cargo Jacket (black) for women

Tanktop: +grasp+, Stone Skull Cami (black + zebra)
Skirt: LeeZu!, O’LaLa Micro Jeans Skirt (stonewashed)
Earrings: Rozoregalia, Gemma Pierce
Bracelet: Rozoregalia, Rozenkavalier Bracelet
Belt: Sole Accessory, Bent Poach Belt With Chain (white)
Nails: Candy Nail, #Po36 Rosy Red
Hair: Little Heaven, “08 Jeanne (black)

And the RicoRacer Sets I & II are for male models. Both have 10 poses in each set and are L$1,000 per set.

Body Talking – RicoRacer I (RicoRacer 1)

Body Talking – RicoRacer I (RicoRacer 2)

Body Talking – RicoRacer I (RicoRacer 3)

Body Talking – RicoRacer I (RicoRacer 4)

Body Talking – RicoRacer I (RicoRacer 6)

Body Talking – RicoRacer II (RicoRacer 15)

Body Talking – RicoRacer II (RicoRacer 18)

Body Talking – RicoRacer I Set
10 poses for L$1,000

Body Talking – RicoRacer II Set
10 poses for L$1,000

Male poses, except for those in the vendor posters, modeled by Team edo, Alf Whittaker.
All poses by Body Talking.

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, LOOK Elite Models COO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

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