Smart Casual With A New Release From R.A. Crystal

A Japanese jewelry store, R.A. Crystal has just released a new set of jewelry called “Coin Set.” Rama Anatine, creator and owner of R.A. Crystal said “I made a set that I wanted to have myself in real life. I wanted something that’s not gaudy. Something that’s subtle and casual but still elegant”.

And she made exactly that.

R.A. Crystal – Coin Set

So I decided to style myself centering around this set. It had to be casual and yet elegant and what I arrived at was an elegant pants style based on colours that compliment this jewelry set. However, colours such as white and sand colour, or light brown, tend to make the entire look rather sleepy. In order to add a bit of crispness, I decided to add black and white for my shoes and purse. The B&W pair of shoes from Nardcotix and purse from +plus* I had in my inventory were perfect for this purpose.

To finish off this style, I added a fedora hat from Couture Chapeau and a newly released hair from 69, another Japanese store. This hair is a loosely braided hair that is casual yet very feminine and worked well to add some elegance to the entire look. Usually I wear black hair but in order to match the overall brown/beige look, I used a colour called Chestnut which is a dark brown with a shade of red. I plain brown would have made the entire look a bit sleepy too, so this tad of red helped to bring some life into the look also.

This hair from 69 uses a very unique colour selection system which is great for people who are worried about the ever growing number of inventory. The fat pack comes with several hair that is divided into the main tone such as reds, blacks blonds and so forth. When you wear the object, instead of a hair on your skull, you will see a HUD on your screen with a graphic of the hair style and shade choices. You then click on the shade you wish to wear and the hair shade of your choice will be delivered to you in a folder. In other words, you can delete the entire folder after use and have a new set delivered every time you want to wear it so what you have in your inventory will always be just the HUD sets. What a fantastic idea for people like me who just seem to fail so miserably in keeping the inventory numbers low!

Shirt: ce cubic effect, Shirt H6 (off white)
Pants: ce cubic effect, Flare Trousers (cocoa)
Jewelry: R.A. Crystal, Coin Set
Gloves: Mentine, Soft Leather Gloves (honey)
Hat: Couture Chapeau, Bogie Fedora (white)
Purse: +plus*, White Capitone Bag
Shoes: Nardcotix, Nuria B&W
Hair: 69, Me (chestnut)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, LOOK Elite Models COO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

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