Maniera Magazine Cover Contest

Thanks to Julie Hastings’ wonderful photography, I won the April cover. 🙂

The theme was Harajuku Fashion and we had to choose from either “Gothic Lolita” or “Visual-kei” which literally means “visual category” in Japanese. This is a fashion that spread in Japan from music bands that wore cute or elaborate fashion and these bands became known as “Visual-kei bands” because they not only provided musical entertainment but also “visual entertainment” as well.

I chose to go with the “Visual-kei” category and had so much fun styling this! It also helped that I live only 20 minutes from Harajuku in RL and grew up visiting the place on my weekend fashion explorations.

Thank you Julie for a wonderful photograph! I had so much fun styling this and it was a great team work!

Kay Fairey in “Visual-kei” Harajuku Fashion.
Photography by Julie Hastings.

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

2 thoughts on “Maniera Magazine Cover Contest

  1. That is a nice photo. Do you recommend any stores in SL for this kind of clothing? I know about all the stuff at the actual Harajukubox sim but it never seems to have the best stuff. It's still a lot of American designers. It's difficult to find specific stores in SL that are in Japanese sims. Any suggestions for searching or anything?

  2. Hi Kristin. Yes I know. Japanese designers are somewhat hard to spot. The base outfit for this look was Bare Rose, but I've mixed it with several other stuff. There is also a Japanese mall called Gothic Lolita Paradise that carries lots of small stores that specialize in Gothic and non-Gothic Lolita stuff. If you can IM me in-world, I will send you the LM along with a couple of other stores that don't belong to this mall but may be worth checking out.

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