DIRAM – Have I Been Blind???

All this came to me when Frolic Mills sent me an IM that started with the usual “KAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” (note: In real, the Y part is much longer, often extending to several lines). I often wonder if the Y key on his keyboard is worn by now. This several lines of IM which really only consisted of the word “KAY” continued with another line that read “DIRAM wants to do a show with us in January.”

OK. DIRAM……is that a new brand? I must confess, I almost call myself the walking LM dictionary of SL Fashion. It had always fascinated me to find new and undiscovered brands that have great potential to become big and to dig them out and place them under the spot light, so to speak. So I knew most of the brands…..well, MOST, that is. And this was one that had not yet come across my radar.

Feeling a bit hurt and ashamed, I immediately decided to find the store and teleport. I landed right outside of a store that had lots of fun and colourful outfits as well as some accessory items which included shoes and some separately sold clothing items. Designer, djod Karu had a fine selection of mostly casual and fun, sexy clothes. Yes, they were nice but not something that blew me away. Lots of mini and micro skirts, belly-exposing outfits, stockings with garters…….the types of clothes I see quite often in SL.

OK, so casual and sexy.

That was my conclusion and I left it until it was time to start preparing for this show. This whole expectation was literally blown away when djod sent me some sneak preview pics of her new collection, which she named, SCANDALOUS.

I must say, she totally threw me off in a way I had never experienced in my whole SL life. All I could say was “omg omg omg omg omg” as I tried to stop drooling over the pics that she sent me. This was back in December and it was LONG and patient wait till I was allowed to show or talk about this collection.

DIRAM – Lady Gaga Dirty Rich Red

Now djod has finished her launch show with Boulevard Agency, has done a new collection launch party with Avenue when the new collection were finally released on January 30, and now she has more shows scheduled with Evane and then with BeStyle Model Agencies. So it’s about time I talk about it.

This whole collection was inspired by Lady Gaga and Britney Spears and what they actually wore in real life. The collection can be best described as being fun, provocative, sexy, casual but also achieves all this at a very high level of fashion and quality. I cannot think of any brand that even resembles the SCANDALOUS collection. It is unique both in style as well as quality of the outfits. All of the items are also outfits that will become a great source for mixing and matching or matching with other fun items that you can find on the grid which allows you to create your own fun style.

I admit. I am now totally hooked! I have so many of her new designs in my inventory now that it took a while to decide which one I wanted to show but I decided to go with the Lady Gaga Dirty Rich Red, which is apparently djod’s favorite piece too. It also represents her vision of quality and high fashion while also being fun, sexy and provocative.

I matched this up with a Lady Gaga style sunglasses that I had found some time ago and also this really fun pair of tights I had in my inventory from FAB PONY. I also tried on various pairs of boots and pumps but settled for this thigh high boots, also from DIRAM as it matched in not only in its style but also in the exact shade of red that I wanted. Aah and one more note about the sunglasses which I found at Vintage Wear Outlet. There were many colour variations of gems used either on white base, as seen here, or black base. To copy Lady Gaga, it might be more appropriate to use the black base type but since I use black hair, I thought this might blend in with my hair. So for my own styling purposes, I chose to buy the white based ones.

If you decide to go take a peep in the store, note that her SCANDALOUS collection will be found in a separate building right across from her regular main store. So don’t fret if you cannot find it in her regular store. Just step out and go across to the other building where you will most likely experience the same kind of excitement I experienced when I first saw the pictures back in December.


Outfit: DIRAM, Lady Gaga Dirty Rich Red
(gloves included)
Tights: FAB PONY, Chevron Hose (B&W)
Sunglasses: Vintage Wear Outlet, Fame Shades (Onyx on Zircon)
Necklace & Earrings: Gems & Kisses, Exteme Nobility, Gold Miniset
(necklace was re-attached to spine in this look)
Boots: DIRAM, Toxic Bottes Deluxe Edition (red)
Hair: Kin hair, Mira (black)

Posted by Kay Fairey, Agency Director and Top model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

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