From The Wedding Expo

I was one of the models for a wedding fashion show in the “2009 *Something Blue*…Love & Marriage Expo” which was a wedding expo that was running from July 31 through August 8.

One of the outfits I modeled for was Sparkle Skye’s “Fairy Tale” in white/gold.

As always, Sparkle’s wedding gowns are so lovely and gorgeous. A killer sized skirt is included for grand weddings like those in cathedrals, but smaller skirts are also included so that the gowns can be worn after the wedding. “Fairy Tale” also comes in a all white colour but those who want a gown that is a little different, this white/gold version will be a great choice.

Here, I am not wearing the sparkles she has to take pics but sparkles are also included in the set which will add that sparkly touch to the skirt.

For jewelry, I used the Gradient Set from Flirt. I used these for the show also but what is so fantastic about these jewelry is that the sets are so well thought for the convenience of customers. The necklaces have chest attached versions as well as spine attached versions so it the attachment point conflicts with something you need to attach with your outfit, you can chose the one with a non-conflicting attachment point.

All jewelry pieces are copyable too when most jewelry stores sell their items no copy and transferable. OK I do admit that sometimes jewelry are given to others as gifts. I have always wondered, however, what percentage of jewelry are actually sold as gifts. Maybe it’s just me but I hardly get jewelry given to me and most of what I have are purchased for personal use. Then, copyable versions are so much better! I will even go so far as to say, I prefer stores that sell copyable jewelry. Kudos to Skinkie Winkler for this wise choice!!

Wedding gown: Allure by Sparkle & Dominus Designs, Fairy Tale (white/gold)
Jewelry: Flirt, The Gradient Set (Diamond)
Hair: R’s Hair Style, Kay ver2 (black)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, Top Model for Boulevard Agency etc., Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

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