A New Release from KWZ

KWZ by Japanese designer Kariwanz Felisimo, is one that almost seems deceiving as her designs do not look like creations by Japanese. I have been posting about her several times but that is definitely not because we are friends but because I truely believe that she is a designer that deserves top class evaluation.

KWZ – Lace Hood B

Her new creation is called “Lace Hood” and she has type A and type B that are very slightly different. Both come with this big lace hood that has various attachments such as this huge ribbon that you see in my pics. She has other types such as bunny ears, lopped eared rabbit ears, bear and horns. The complete mismatch with cute things like ribbons and bunny ears and this gown that is somewhat gothic in style makes you question the combination at first. But once worn this unexpected combination becomes its mysterious appeal.

As a proof of this, I was contacted by several people while I was shooting the pictures, asking me where the gown came from. This is not something that happens every time I shoot.

This gown, in my opinion, is best worn with minimum jewelry as the gown, together with the hood, has such an immense presence and adding anything will simply take away from the gown itself. So this time, I let the gown speak for itself.

Outfit: KWZ, Lace Hood B

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