"Top Girls Show" is coming!!

SL’s “Top Girls Show”
June 27th, Saturday from 12 noon SLT
Click here for a limo

The “Top Girls Show” is probably the first show that features the premier designers in the Pegasos sim, Amutey DeCuir (Bliss Couture), Ashoka Eales (Phoenix Rising), Mami Jewell (azul) and Nardya Rousselot (Nardcotix) all shown in one show featuring the top models in SL all on one stage. The models in the show will be Anessa Stine, Cherie Parker, Laura18 Streeter, Mimmi Boa, Mui Mukerji, Payton Heron, Poptart Lilliehook.

This show is also unique in that it will show all the best seller outfits from the four designers, making this show truly the “top outfits show” as well.

Come see your favorite designer and favorite model and see what outfits are SL’s most favored designs.

One day only!!
So don’t miss it!

Produced by edo Tone of “Styles of edo”
Directed by Kay Fairey (Director, Team edo)
Host: CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast
DJ: Aris Earnshaw

Invitation graphics & photography: Cherie Parker

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