Japan Comes To Fabulous Fashion!!

I will be appearing on SLCN TV’s “Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington.” In the program, I will be appearing in the second half of the show, talking about Japanese accessory designers. The whole show this day will be devoted to Japanese fashion and the first half will be with Iris Ophelia, Managing Editor for Second Style Magazine who will talk about Japanese clothes designers.

Come on over to the TV studio! You may appear in the program blog!

Japan Comes Fabulous Fashion TV!

Fabulous Fashion with Angie Mornington
Monday May 11th at 6pm SLT

The Japanese Connection: Designers you NEED to know about with Iris Ophelia!

The Japanese designers of Second Life are a tight knit community that offer some of the most creative and innovative designs on the grid. While they are known to many in the SL fashion community, they go mostly unknown to most residents. This Monday on Fabulous Fashion Angie sits down with Iris Ophelia, well known blogger, Managing Editor of Second Style, and New World Notes Fashion Correspondent. Iris is a huge fan of Japanese designers and will share some of her insight into this wonderful community. You will also get to see some Fabulous ensembles from five Japanese designers.

You can see Iris Ophelia at these blogs:

*******In our Accessories Spotlight: Japanese Treasures!

This week’s Guest Stylist is Kay Fairey, avid blogger, Evane Model Agency CEO and Senior Writer for BOSL. Kay is also a lover of all things Japanese and will bring us some wonderful accessories created by Japanese Designers that you might not know about. . . but you should. These wonderful creations that may be less well known to you are still Fashion Finds that you won’t regret tuning in for!

Kay Fairey’s blogs:

Here are all the designers featured in this show:
ce cubic effect
Bare Rose Haute Couture
Sweetest Goodbye
*DP* Yum Yum
Sole Accessories

Please join our live audience this Monday at 6pm SLT at the Fabulous Fashion studio for a very special show! Doors open at 5:30pm PDT.

Fabulous Fashion Television Studio SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Northpoint/153/48/29

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