Dramas and Divas and the Whole Damn Thing

I was one of the RUNWAY Magazine staff who got involved in this whole drama that is hitting the SL News about RUNWAY Magazine closing and I had been quiet feeling sick of all the assumptions and gossip.

Here is a statement from Thalia, the Fashion Editor of RUNWAY and one of the staff who had been with the magazine the longest, who decided to post this as all the “facts” surrounding what happened that day. She has asked me to post this on my blog as a personal favour.

Written by Kay Fairey, former staff writer of RUNWAY Magazine.


Drama and Divas and the Whole Damn Thing

By Thalia Jie – former Fashion Editor of RUNWAY Magazine

In respect of the demise of RUNWAY magazine, I have no obligation to make any comments, however, I will state that various blog postings made about Frolic Mills and the RUNWAY/BOSL merger are not factual.

The facts are:

  • On the 8 April 2009, RUNWAY annouced the departure of both CEO’s from Second Life in a blog posting. No prior notice was given to staff. [RUNWAY blog]
  • RUNWAY did not pay its employees or contracted writers for their work last month of work, while reassuring everyone that they would be paid in a matter of days.
  • RUNWAY owners, Maggie Mahoney and Ocean Bates created the impression, right up to the day that the demolition started on the RUNWAY build, that it was business as usual.
  • A public statement was issued on their blog that RUNWAY magazine “has been left to the staff if they desire to continue its legacy” however no mention was made of outstanding revenue from existing advertising contracts.
  • Neither of the RUNWAY CEO’s replied to emails or telephone calls.

I personally would like to thank Frolic Mills for agreeing to an invitation to join myself, EmmZ Tzara and Vera Canning in a meeting to discuss these events. Frolic Mills gave his commitment that all RUNWAY staff would be paid and all advertising contracts honored. The result of that meeting was that the transition to BOSL was agreed to and work proceeded on the May issue of RUNWAY magazine. Designers and advertisers were reassured that everything was returning to normal.

One April 9 2009 a further statement was issued on the RUNWAY blog by the departing CEO’s of RUNWAY announcing that “RUNWAY will not merge with BOSL” and citing coercion on the part of Frolic Mills.

My decision regarding the BOSL?RUNWAY merger was not made through coercion or manupulation nor was I forced into any actions in a state of “shock.” I find that implication personally insulting.

My decision to merge with BOSL was made on the following basis:

  • Paying RUNWAY employees monies owed.
  • Paying feelance writers/photographers for RUNWAY projects
  • Honoring existing RUNWAY contracts with advertisers up to and including the July issue of RUNWAY
  • Acting decisively and promptly as the news of the CEO’s departure had been announced in the public forum
  • With full knowledge that despite the RUNWAY blog statement that RUNWAY magazine “has been left to the staff if they desire to continue its legacy”, a blog statement is not a contract, and it is not a legal transfer of ownership.
  • Misgivings regarding exactly what “the legacy” of RUNWAY magazine entailed.

On April 9 2009, the the same blog post, CEO Maggie Mahoney stated that she has “decided to retain the branding rights and trademarks [to RUNWAY magazine] and let the magazine officially close”.

Please direct all inquiries regarding monies owned by RUNWAY to Maggie Mahoney and Ocean Bates.

I have listed the facts as I understand them, and there will be no further comments.

Thalia Jie

11 April 2009

5 thoughts on “Dramas and Divas and the Whole Damn Thing

  1. time marches on. in the mean time we are alwyas on the look out for new talent. if any of the former staff (writers and photogs)are interested in freelance work pleasesend me (Jumpman Lane) or Kimber Martinek or Sole Jie a note card with a bio, links to past work etc so we can sit down and discuss possible feature ideas. thanx

  2. My god, the upheaval on this whole happening.Strange that the former owners would leave everything in such a mess. I like you, your blog and your writing, so I hope that soon you will find a new magazine to write for!x

  3. Thank you Sascha. I have to say, I’m still in disbelief myself. But the staff there were really talented, committed and hard working. Like jumpman said, we need to move on. I am sure you will see most of us ‘somewhere’.At least I have my blog here, so after this shock wave has gone over my head, I get back to writing!

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