Creating A Hippy Look In SL

I love finding new releases and new designers but what I also love doing, almost as a game, is to find a theme myself and attempt at creating certain looks based on these themes. Lately, I’ve been having more enthusiasm in doing this and the more challenging the theme, the more fun I seem to get. This time, it all started from spotting a “hippy style” looking top by Apple May. The moment I spotted this top, the first thing that came to my mind was “ooh this would look nice in a hippy look” and the next moment, my mind had already latched on this fun idea.

This top came in a set of three colours, which I must say, was a little disappointing. I would rather spend my money on buying different outfits than buying the same top in three different colours. But this was definitely not being sold as a fat pack and there was no other vendor selling individual colours so I ended up having to buy all the colours.

For this particular styling I had to make a hippy look so I decided to use the purple one. In more accurate terms, I didn’t HAVE to make a hippy look and nobody was telling me to do so, but as I said, once I had my mind set on certain themes, it was hard to shake it off. So in my mind, it was a must.

I tried several different pairs of jeans but this one from Jador Fashion that had some pink based colour in it seemed to work better to create a “flower children” look. And of course, I had to use this hair from Lelutka with a head band (or rather….string?) and my shoes had to be flat sandals. I found these sandals in my inventory which fit my image perfectly but unfortunately, I had bought them a long time ago which was way before I even thought of starting to blog. So I never cared that a landmark was missing. And now, I can’t even remember where I got these sandals from. Damn. I would be grateful if any of you who might be reading this might know where these came from and let me know. I even tried searching with the name I saw on the folder but I had no success. 😦

Every time I do this styling game, I seem to find something that was buried deep inside my ocean-deep inventory that I had somehow forgotten that I even had them. This time, it was these sandals and I feel as excited as if I won these on a lucky chair. Aah yes and nails. I mustn’t wear coloured nail polish with this look. I have to try to make things look as “natural” as possible. So I decided to go with french nails, which is pink + white tips.

And to finish it off, I needed a skin with very little make up and some accessories that reminded me of nature. A flower choker, bracelet and earrings set I found in Chambre de Chocolat before Eshi Otawara renamed her store to bear her name, was something I could use.

I was finally able to make a “hippy look” by scrambling into my inventory and buying nothing but the loose top that initially made me go after this look.

Top: Apple May, Heart Breaker (purple)
Jeans: Jador Fashion, Heart Denim
Necklace, bracelet & earrings: Chambre de Chocolat*, Jewelry Set Sunflower (blue)
Sandals: !BF!, Urban Bohemian Ankle Wrap Flats (lilac)**
Nails: Celestial Studio, Lulu Fingernails (pink with white tips)
Hair: LeLutka, Tate (black)
Skin: Minnu, MMS Fair – Care

*Chambre de Chocolat has revised its name to Eshi Otawara.
**No LM is availalbe as explained, so no SURL link provided.

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Model Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

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