I Love Bax Coen Accessories!

I got this notecard that said Bax Boots have come up with an updated version of the red and black ankle boots that I had already bought when they first came out. But it also said, those who had the earlier versions could come to the store to get them updated. Oh nice! 😀

So I tp’d to the store and after happily getting mine updated for free, I found some cool accessories. I knew the store had bangles from some time ago but the ones in the store now were called “Bax Flower Bracelets” and came in four colour types; brown, gray, red and special. Each of these had diamonds that could be hidden or shown and also colour change features where you can change the colours in the colour range. So if you got the red one, you could change it to different shades of red, such as bordeau, Venetian (a Ferrari red like bright red), rust, etc. Oh how nice again! The “Special” by the way, had colours like purple, turquoise, orange, etc.

In general, I love love love bangles. They add colour to the looks and are big enough to be noticed so I can play with colours using bangles. But what often happens is, I may find a red bangle but when I wear it, I find that it’s not THAT red that I am looking for. This is so annoying. But with these sets, I can probably choose the red closer to the one I am looking for!

Bax Boots also had a line-up of resizable prim belts that matched the colour of the boots available with exactly the same colour names. Here I used the “Silver Brocade” boots and belt with white bangles which was a colour that was available in the “gray colour set.” The outfit is something I had, “Lili Black” from Giusia Creations, but I used it as a short pants suit without using the prim skirt. I love the simplicity of this with only a ruffled neck and the rest being just black. It brings out the accessories in a styling case like this one where I want to focus on these accessory items.

The gloves I am wearing here came in the “Lili Black” set. But it was very well made and I loved matching them with other outfits. So to make it easier to use them when I wanted to, I just made a copy of these gloves and added it to my “gloves” folder. The hat here comes with this hair from Exxess. It’s probably meant to be worn for more RP-like looks as it’s called “Black Widow” but I like to wear this with more regular clothes like the one I have today.

Outfit: Giusia Creations, Lili Black
Boots: Bax Boots, Silver Brocade Boots
Belt: Bax Boots, Bax Belt、Silver Brocade
Bangles: Bax Boots, Bax Flower Bracelet Grays (white)
Hair & Hat: Exxess Designs, Black Widow (black)

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, Modavia Super Model, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

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