A Sweet Dress From Maria Bonita

I posted about Maria Bonita in my November 19th post. Today, I have another sweet dress that I got in this new store which is called Dress Dots in purple. It’s a simple dress. But I like simple ones as they leave more room for styling myself and it’s more fun.

So here I wore this dress and matched it up with sweet polka dot stockings I found in a Japanese store called Juicy Pop which came in many colours in a set. I also wore a pair of ankle boots from Bax Coen and I wore a fun hair from Bish to make a stylish but playful look.

For jewelry, I wore “Deep Sea Treasure” from a store that has quickly become one of my fav jewelry stores, Vencenca Rosca Jewellry. The jewelry sold here always come in a wide variety in sets and priced very reasonably. This one, for example, had different bracelet designs such as a narrow one ring bracelet to a five ring bracelet which is the one I am wearing here. It even has rings for both hands and also a matching belly ring. I posted about the jewelry here already in my previous post, showing many other designs available here so if you’ve read that post, you could see why I love this place. It’s really a store no fashionista should miss.

Maria Bonita – Dress Dots (purple)

Outfit: Maria Bonita, Dress Dots (purple)
Stockings: Juicy Pop, Dot Lace Stockings (purple)
Ankle Boots: Bax Coen Designs, BAX Ankle Boots White
Bracelet & Earrings: Vincenca Rosca Jewellry, Deep Sea Treasure
Nails: Persona, Polished Nails (plum)
Hair: Bish, Seductress (black)
Skin: Tuli, Emily [pale] – annette

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, the Best of Italian, BeStar Fashion, Second Look Studio and Beauty Avatar.

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