Introducing Chantkare: A Rising Star!

I met Applonia about a month ago when I paid a visit to her store. Immediately, I fell in love! In fact, I fell in love so much that I decided, on the spot, to trash another article I was writing for a magazine and decided to write about her and her instead!

Applonia Criss, whose store is called “Chantkare“, is a brand new store that opened just this September. She, in fact, started making clothes in SL this summer! So yes, she is VERY new. However, her designs were already showing signs of uniqueness and style. Skill wise, I am sure she will get even better. But even with what she already had in her store, I could tell that she had a talent to see style and design unique but attractive clothings.

Earlier today, I visited her store again and I was taken by a huge surprise. Not only did Applonia have a lot of new designs, she even changed the whole layout, interior and displays in her store! She also had a small collection of jewelry, bags and men’s items! I asked her “Where do you stop?! I can’t keep up!”

Well anyway, I took these pics back when I first met her, which was about a month ago but I could not publish them as the magazine for which I wrote this for had the 1st right of publishing and I had to wait until the magazine was out. So now, I am introducing you the store and the pics here as I couldn’t wait to scream it out. lol You might be wondering what “Chantkare” means and so did I. My curiority defeated me and I just had to ask. She told me that it was a word that meant “stylish, fashionable, upbeat, modern and fun” all in one word and the style she aims for or likes is a bit “european”, sophisticated but always fun. And fun they are! She uses lots of colours but never too much and always adds a twist to her designs that make them look so interesting and unique. I really can’t wait to see her designs 6 months down the road. I must say, I am almost afraid to see how many items she will be adding. I said it before and I will say it again. “I can’t keep up!!!!!”

And I have MORE exciting news for you! Applonia will do her very first show with us at Ewing Fashion Agency on Dec. 14!! This will be the very first time “Chantkare” will be seen on the runway. I will post details here as the date approaches to stay tuned!

So without further due, please take a look at some of her stunning designs.

Chantkare – Polka Dot Red Chiffon

Chantkare – Citron Gown

Chantkare – Morocco Ensemble

Chantkare – White Pepper Dress with Scarf

Chantkare – Motogreen

I will also be posting some of her latest designs soon! So again, stay tuned!

Click here for a limo to Chantkare.

Written and modeled by Kay Fairey, model for Boulevard Agency, Evan Models Agency, Ewing Fashion Agency, Beauty Avatar, Best of Italian and Second Look Studio.

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